Intermountain Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of liquid supplements because we’ve dedicated a considerable amounts of research into consistently manufacturing liquid supplements that taste great and are sourced from the purest ingredients.

By choosing Intermountain Nutrition as your liquid supplement manufacturer, you can focus on attracting customers while we work on producing the smoothest liquid supplements. We’ll execute on our proven manufacturing process that delivers a finished liquid supplement in as short as 4-weeks.

Intermountain specialize’s in liquid nutritional products. Our production facilities house state of the art bottle filling lines and flexible, versatile accommodations for your custom formulas and packaging requirements.

Intermountain Nutrition is one of the main private label supplement manufactures of Liquid supplements  here in the USA.

Examples of Liquids

Energy Shots, Everyday multivitamins, Sports Energy Drink, Antioxidant equation, Glucosamine, Chondroitin MSM,  Children Multivitamins, Cal/Mag/Zinc weight reduction, and vitality shots. Plus much more.

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