Drop Ship & Fulfillment

Intermoutain Supplements quality customer service does not end once we manufacture your products.  We assist our customers successful campaigns by offering extremely competitive domestic and international fulfillment solutions.

Whether you need to deliver your products to an end consumer in a classic B to C format, or need a pallet of goods shipped domestically or internationally to one location, Intermountain Supplements has a wealth of fulfillment and shipping experience.

We provide global fulfillment solutions in several key and growing markets overseas while offering the fastest and most cost effective delivery solutions available for the Domestic market here at home. We can support and handle your shipping and packaging needs for any size order….Our desire is to help you grow as a client so our services become an integral part of your business expansion.

 Orders received  are processed and shipped the same day. Your order is carefully and professionally packaged to safeguard your supplement during the  shipping process.  Complete reporting and tracking is provided for your products, to ensure that your supplement fulfillment is completed accurately.

Intermountain Supplements provides a wealth of shipping and vendor relationships globally that will ensure that each order is sent in the most value driven delivery solution for that piece. There are many vendors that we work with and have vetted to allow you to grow your business without having to worry about delivery issues.

During the supplement  fulfillment processes, your inventory is managed by our in-house staff that focuses solely on your job as one complete project from start to finish. Whether this means pre-stocking product to meet the demands of your customer or marketplace, it is our goal to help streamline your delivery and fulfillment needs and maximize your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

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